Excavator Responsibilities

You should notify any utility companies that are not in compliance with state law, as well as, any governmental and/or Railroad permit offices.

Most utility companies will only mark up to their meter or the property line if there is no meter.

The landowner will be responsible for locating any underground utilities beyond that point.

Utilities will be marked with paint or flags in the following colors:

  • Electric – Red
  • Gas – Yellow
  • Communications & TV – Orange
  • Water – Blue
  • Sewer – Green
  • Reclaimed water, irrigation & slurry lines – Purple

Under Mississippi law, utility markings are required to be accurate within 18 inches, measured horizontally, from the outside edge of the operator’s field mark.

It is therefore advised, that if the excavation will occur within 18 inches of the utility field marking, the excavator should expose the utility line or facility, by hand digging, prior to using any mechanized excavation equipment near the utility line or facility.

Your locate request number is valid for 14 calendar days from the date and time it is processed or entered into the system by Mississippi 811. Should your excavation exceed this expiration, you will need to renew the notification with Mississippi 811, at least 3 and not more than 4 working days prior to the expiration. You may notify Mississippi 811 at any time lines need to be re-marked, however you must allow the utility owners 3 working days to re-mark the lines.