Whether you are a contract locator locating for several utilities or an employee of a utility whose job description requires you to locate a specific utility, we here at Mississippi 811 appreciate the very difficult job you must do. We know that every utility locate does not involve short grass or smooth parking lots, but we do know that every one of them is important. We want you to know that the law defines different types of tickets and that your response time is affected by the type of ticket you receive. Please review the MS811 Locate Request Ticket manual for ticket type details and more.

Marking Utilities
“Mark” shall mean the use of stakes, paint, or other clearly identifiable materials to show the field location of underground facilities in accordance with the current color code standard of the American Public Works Association, or the uncovering or exposing of underground facilities so that the excavator may readily see the location of same, or the pointing out to the excavator of certain aboveground facilities such as, but not limited to, manhole covers, valve boxes and pipe and cable risers, which indicate the location of underground facilities.