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What is the Mississippi 811 (MS811) Positive Response Information System (PRIS)?

The MS811 Positive Response Information System (PRIS) is an automated information system operated and maintained by MS811. Utility owner/operators are required by law to report through PRIS the status of the locate work performed, within 2 working days. Excavators can then review the Positive Response information to determine the status of their locate request prior to excavation. Please see House Bill 1334 for supporting documentation. Excavators can review the information submitted to determine the status of their request prior to excavation. PRIS can improve communication between the utility and excavator. It can also prevent delays in work and prevent unnecessary “No Response” tickets.

How can utility owner/operator submit a response to PRIS?

There are serval different ways a utility owner/operator can submit a response to PRIS. The first method is through a ticket management system.

  • Ticket Management System:
    • Response information can be entered into your ticket management system and transmitted from your system to PRIS.
    • Contact  (601) 368-1150 to see if your system has been programed to transmit response information to MS811.
    • If you are not currently utilizing, but are interested in using a ticket management system, KorTerra is free for MS811 members.

The next method is through the MS811 Web Portal or Mobile App. The Web Portal is best used if you will be submitting responses from a desktop computer or laptop. The Mobile App is best for submitting responses while working in the field.

  • MS811 Web Portal or Mobile App:
    • An account with Positive Response (PR) permissions assigned is required to submit response information when using this method.
    • Click on the “Sign-Up” link above to sign up for a PR Portal/Mobile App account.

What types of responses can be submitted?

The following is a list of the actions that you will be able to select from when submitting a response. Each item is followed by things that you will need to keep in mind when selecting them. You will need to share this information with anyone that will be submitting response information on behalf of your company.

Response Action:

  • Located: Facilities marked
  • Clear: No conflict
    • To prevent delays in work or possible utility damage you should always confirm that you do not have underground lines in the excavation area before submitting a “Clear” response.
  • On Site Meeting Request: Utility representative is requesting to be on site during excavation
    • The operator may request to be present at the site upon commencement of the excavation, so long as the operator complies within two (2) working days of the receipt of the notice.   However, you are required by law to contact the excavator, directly, to set up the meeting. MS811 will not set up this meeting for you. We also recommend that you enter a call back number into the comments section in case the excavator needs to reach you after your initial contact with them.
  • Locate Delayed
    • The only reason locate delayed should be selected, is when lines can only be located by excavation. Please see the Mississippi Excavation Law section 77-13-9c for supporting documentation. If the delay is for any other reason you are not in compliance with the law. We recommend that you enter a reason for the delay in the comments section. E.g. “Must excavate to locate water line”, “Locked gate”, “Weather” as well as call back number in case the excavator needs to reach you.
    • Once the lines have been located, you will need to select the ticket and change the response status to “Located”, for the response to be closed.

System Generated Responses:

  • Overdue: Response is overdue
    • If a response is not submitted by the required locate by date/time the system will automatically post a response action of “Overdue”.
  • No Response: Utility did not submit response
    • If you do not submit a response by the required date/time the system will automatically close the response request with a response action of “No Response”.
  • Non-Participant: Company is not currently participating in Positive Response
    • If a utility owner/operator is not participating in the PR program, the system selects the following response as soon as a ticket is created.

How can the Excavator view the response information submitted for a locate request?

The excavator can view Positive Response information submitted by the utility owners/operators by clicking on the ticket # hyperlink located in the top left corner of the locate request email confirmation.  If you did not receive an email confirmation you can access the Portal by clicking here.  You will then need to select Find Tickets, enter your locate request ticket number and click search. The locate request information will be displayed along with any Positive Response information that has been submitted. Excavators should always review response information prior to calling MS811 to resubmit a locate request.

We hope that PRIS will improve communication as well as increase safety. If you have any questions or concerns about the PRIS, feel free to contact (601) 368-1150.