Locate Requests

Dial 811 (when calling within the state of Mississippi) or (800) 227-6477

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Billing Inquiries

(601) 982-7531

(601) 510-2480 FAX

Miriam Phillips – Financial Administrator

General Inquiries

(601) 362-4322

(601) 366-7666 FAX

Chasberdee Sample – Call Center Manager

Fred Johnson – Operations Manager


Member Service Area

(601) 368-1150

(601) 981-9027 FAX

(601) 326-0336 FAX

Amanda Russell – GIS Manager

Amy Williams – Member Service Area Processor


Mailing Address

Mississippi 811, Inc.

200 Country Place Pkwy

Pearl, MS 39208

Remote Ticket Entry

(601) 362-4322

Gidgit Reed – Training Coordinator

Positive Response

Ticket Transmission

Korweb Ticket Management

(601) 368-1150

(601) 981-9027 FAX

Joanna Henderson – Member Services Manager

Sam Johnson

Fred Johnson
Operations/H.R. Manager

Chas Sample
Call Center Manager

Amanda Russell
GIS/IT Manager

Miriam Phillips
Financial Administrator

Joanna Henderson
Member Services Manager

Gidgit Reed
Training Coordinator

Haley Feather
GIS Coordinator

Amy Williams

Member Service Area Processor

George Lewis
Governmental Liaison

Bill Rutledge
Damage Prevention Coordinator: Rural Water & Public Works

Jerry Kennemur
Damage Prevention Coordinator: North Region

John Stallings
Damage Prevention Coordinator: Central Region

Charles Stallings
Damage Prevention Coordinator: South Region