Locate Requests

Dial 811 (when calling within the state of Mississippi) or (800) 227-6477

To submit a locate or inquire about a Portal request, dial the number above.

You can also, click on one of the Links below

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For questions regarding Web Portal/Virtual Ticket Entry, contact Chasberdee Sample.

GIS/IT Department

(601) 368-1150

(601) 981-9027 Fax

(601) 326-0336 Fax

Member Services

For inquiries regarding Positive Response, Ticket Transmission and/or Korweb Ticket Management, contact Joanna Henderson.

For inquiries regarding Member Service Area/mapping, contact Amy Williams.




General Inquiries

(601) 362-4322

(601) 366-7666 Fax

Fred Johnson – Operations/HR Director

Mia RhymesContact Center Manager

Billing Inquiries

(601) 982-7531

(601) 510-2480 Fax

Mailing Address

Mississippi 811, Inc.

200 Country Place Pkwy

Pearl, MS 39208


Sam Johnson

Fred Johnson
Operations/HR Director

Kim ColemanAdministrative Assistant

Mia Rhymes
Contact Center Manager

Chas Sample
Virtual Contact Manager

Amanda Russell
GIS/IT Director

Lisa Stallings
IT Manager

Haley Feather
GIS Manager

Joanna Henderson
Member Services Manager

Amy Williams
Member Database Processor

Jerry Kennemur
Damage Prevention Coordinator: North Region

John Stallings
Damage Prevention Coordinator: Central Region

Charles Stallings
Damage Prevention Coordinator: South Region

Bert Pickard
Damage Prevention Coordinator: South Region

Bill Rutledge
Damage Prevention Coordinator: Rural Water & Public Works

George Lewis
Governmental Liaison